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  About Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr.

Nelson W. Aldrich Jr., the editor of George, Being George, lives in New York City and North Stonington, CT, with Dee Lovatt Aldrich, his wife, and Arabella India Aldrich, the youngest of his three children and five step-children. He graduated from St. Paul's School (1953) and Harvard College (1957) after which he lived in Paris for several years, working (among other places) at the Paris Review. George Plimpton was thus his first employer, and remained a friend from then on. In 1960 Aldrich returned to the States and pursued careers in daily journalism, public television, school and college teaching, magazine editing and freelancing -- without, however, actually attaining a career in any of those activities. His articles have appeared in Harper's, The Atlantic, The Nation, The New York Times Magazine, the New England Monthly, Inc., and many other publications. He is the author of Tommy Hitchcock, the famed American polo player who was a friend and model for F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Old Money, an analysis (disguised as a memoir) of inherited wealth in America.


  “Aldrich arranged for some 374 interviews with people who’d known Plimpton in various capacities. Family, classmates, lovers, staffers, axe-grinders (not too many), fans and fools—all offered memories, conclusions, regrets, appreciations.”

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  George Being George
Nelson W Aldrich Jr.
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